I just spent the last ten minutes in the bathroom saying goodbye to my natural hair color.

I’m getting it dyed red today, mind you a natural red. Never again will I use ultra pigment dyes. I’m really excited to do this, but also really nervous because I haven’t full on dyed my hair, except for highlights, in two years now. I’m not worried I’m going to hate it because I know I’ll love it, it’s just going to be different to walk into the bathroom every morning and see not light brown hair but light red brown hair.

Anyway this is going to be my 365 for today when I get home and it’s done. Also, I have no idea what happened to yesterdays 365. I thought I posted it but apparently not. I’ll just post it today and back date it? Cool? Cool.


  1. staceyrella said: Oooo! Can’t wait to see!
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